Did you know that stress can cause Stomach cramps?

Did you know that stress can cause Stomach cramps?

The first thing we recommend...

The first thing we recommend for a stress-free life is organizing your time sensibly; avoid setting unattainable goals. The philosophy you apply to solving problems is also important. Approaching problems with confidence, assessing the possibilities for practical implementation, and promising oneself not to complain will enhance our effectiveness while reducing anxiety.

Here are some relaxation techniques:

Breathing: Breathe in very slowly, concentrating on the air that is entering your lungs; breathe out again very slowly. Repeat 3 to 5 times. This is a very simple exercise which you can do at any time anywhere.

Squeeze a soft object repeatedly with one hand and then with the other; repeat this exercise up to 20 times with each hand.
Relieve the tension in the neck muscles by stretching these muscles. For this exercise, bend the neck down slowly to the left and right as far as you can, flexing and stretching the muscles. Finally, rotate your head in a smooth, circular motion.

Carrying out physical exercises relieves the tension that has built up over the day, improving our physical condition.

Laughing from time to time increases the release of endorphins, substances that are responsible for increasing our sense of well-being.

In order to relieve abdominal tension, which usually worsens towards the end of the day, avoid heavy meals and fizzy drinks. Reducing the pressure on the abdomen by wearing loose-fitting clothes also makes you feel better. We also recommend some light exercise after meals.