Why should I use
Buscopan® products?

There are several advantages for using
Buscopan® products when you have stomach ache.


Antispasmodics vs. Analgesics

  • Buscopan® products act only where the pain and cramps occur1,6
  • Buscopan® products act where it is needed and is well tolerated with no expected major side effects4
  • Many analgesics act by reducing the pain awareness by blocking the pain signals, thereby masking the pain
  • Therefore, analgesics act on the whole body. They enter the blood stream, and this can offer a wide array of unpleasant side effects10

Target relief

Buscopan® products relax the muscle spasms acting only where the pain and cramps occur - in the abdomen.1,6


Fast onset of action

Gentle on the stomach

Buscopan® is gentle on the stomach and can be taken at the first sign of abdominal pain and discomfort4,7